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Easter Week at First Fairhope

Dr. Eric Hankins

Lead Pastor

 “Why do you seek the Living One among the Dead?” This is the question of Easter. This is the question asked of the followers of Jesus since that very first Resurrection Morning. This promise of God has always been clear: “Those who seek Me will find Me, if they seek Me with all their heart” (Deut. 4:29, 1 Chr. 28:9, 2 Chr. 15:12, Ps. 119:2, Jer. 29.13). The desire of Christ is that we would know His presence. He is not playing “hide-and-seek.” He has not burdened us with some enigmatic treasure map, esoteric list of clues, or exacting set of tasks. Instead, He gives us Himself in the immediacy of His presence. He wants to be found not by only those who are quick-witted or qualified but by the foolish and the weak.

So, if you are not walking intimately with the Savior, could it be that you are simply looking in the places He refuses to be? In the resurrection accounts in the Gospels, we find Jesus meeting people everywhere, under all kinds of circumstances, encountering people with various dispositions of belief. He meets them on the road, on the beach, behind locked doors. He meets them in their fear, their ignorance, their doubt, their failure, and their patent unfaith. But He will not meet them as a dead man, a ghost, or a vision. He only meets them as the Living One. He wants them to touch his wounds that they may know for certain that Death has done its best to defeat Him but that He has won decisively. Even though Jesus is still in the graveyard when He finally speaks with Mary, He is outside the tomb, anxious to leave, and refuses to be held in place.

So, where are you hoping to find Jesus this Easter? Safely and quietly locked away? Entombed in cool, mysterious darkness? Close enough to commemorate yet far enough away that his Life and Words remain muffled, indistinct, and unbinding?
He will not meet you there. He will not meet you like that.
He is Alive!
Pastor Eric

Our image tells the story, Jesus was crucified, but He rose and is now KING!

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Holy Week Scripture Readings:
Luke 19.24-20:8
Luke 20.1-40
Luke 20.41-47 | Luke 22.1-6
Luke 22.7-46
Luke 22.47-23:49
John 19.1-37
Luke 23.50-56
John 19.38-42
Luke 24, John 20


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Easter Sunday Questions

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Easter Week at First


Seder Meal

This year we will gather at the church in the Fellowship Hall for a Passover Seder. We will divide into “families” in the Fellowship Hall, around tables. Pastor Eric will guide the group with instructions and share meaning throughout the symbolic meal. Following the Seder, there is a full meal to go along with the Jewish flair. Seating is limited and reservations are required.  Participants must have a print out of their confirmed reservation or a screen shot of the confirmation email. Start the process by clicking anywhere in this box.


Maundy Thursday Service

Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, which Christians consider the institution known as the Lord’s Supper or Communion. It is described in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 22.  At the Last Supper Jesus breaks bread, saying, “This is my body,” and pours wine, saying, “This is my blood.” He says to the disciples “Do this in remembrance of me.” Some of the visuals for this service are pretty graphic. 


Easter Worship at First, 9:00am

We worship an awesome God! So let’s gather and worship the most high God! Join us in giving the Lord our sacrifice of praise.  This service happens in person and online.

Bible Study

There’s a place to learn about the Risen Lord and that’s around small groups in Bible Study. We have groups for every age and stage! Our teams at the Welcome Desks can help you find just the right class. Meanwhile, a list of Bible Study Classes is here: Bible Study Classes

If you’d like more information about First Fairhope, drop us a quick note below.