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Stewardship begins with the understanding that everything we have is a gift from the Lord…our time, our talents, and our financial resources. Simply stated, Biblical stewardship means God's ownership and our partnership.


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Love Gives

Beloved Church Family,
It was common for pastors in the New Testament to address their people as “Beloved,” and that is certainly how I feel about you! This has been such a blessed season in our church, characterized by our commitment to our single mission: “First loved. Love first.” As a fellowship created by God’s love, we are committed to welcoming the world into His love, not only in word but also in action (I John 3:18).

For 115 years, both in easy and hard times, our Lord has taught this church that “Love Gives.” It’s easy to talk about loving the things of God, but true love, the kind displayed in the cross of Christ, always requires great sacrifice. Over and over again, this church has responded with obedience by giving generously of her time, talent, and treasure. The result has been the glorious provision of resources for reaching our city, including this campus in which we offer God’s gracious welcome and from which we launch for mission. It’s been twenty years since the fire swept through our buildings and refined us for a fresh renewal of shining the light of God’s love. The time has come to refurbish that space and reduce our indebtedness so that we continue this journey with maximum kingdom impact. This brochure will serve to lay out the specifics of the Love Gives journey, including the process you can engage to hear from the Lord on how you might put your love in action. Janet and I look forward to taking this journey with you!
In love,
Pastor Eric

Watch the video below to see the vision for Love Gives.


Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving
First Fairhope has partnered with The Baptist Foundation of Alabama to provide a unique opportunity for our church family. They offer free coaching on wills, advanced directives, living wills, estate planning and giving.  They will help you prepare your documents and refer you to a reliable, local attorney to complete the process.  You will receive a portfolio to keep all of your important documents safe. Check out this quick video that helps explain why legacy giving is so important, how easy it can be, and our process.

We have already had quite a few folks go through this process and here is what they are saying!

Many years ago, we created wills that were not professionally done. When we learned about the services that our church was providing through the Baptist Foundation of Alabama, we knew we needed to utilize the opportunity. We are so thankful that we did! We had a great experience. The Estate Specialists that we worked with were kind, professional, courteous, and timely. This service is so valuable, and we would highly recommend it, especially to young couples. We wish we had done this sooner. What a blessing to have plans in place that provide for our children and also help grow the Kingdom.
Eleanor and Eric Williams

My church held an informational seminar about services available to us through the Baptist Foundation of Alabama. I did not have a will in place, and decided to utilize this service. I’m very thankful that I did! My experience was very good, and everyone I worked with was extremely helpful. They let me be the pace setter, and everything was completed in a timely manner. I would recommend this service to others as it is very beneficial.
Barbara Lewis