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There's a class for everyone in the family at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday. Adult classes offer a variety of curriculum in classes for a variety of groups. First Fairhope offers discipleship classes for adults on other days and times as well.



List of Bible Study Classes and Locations

Adult Bible Study Classes
Adult 2a College/Young Singles, Rm: S301
Adult 2b  Young Professionals, Rm: W201
Adult 3  Youngest Marrieds, Rm: S302
Adult 4b  Marrieds 30/40, Rm: S303
Adult 4c  Single Ladies, Rm: S205
Adult 5  Marrieds 40s, Rm:S304
Adult 6  Marrieds 50s, Rm: S202

Boomer Adult Bible Study Classes
8a Coed Empty Nesters, Rm: S201
8b Coed Empty Nesters, Rm: S202
8c  Women, Mixed ages, Rm: MPR1
10a Coed, 60s-Up, Rm: Social Hall
10b Coed, 60s-Up, Rm: MPR2
10c Upper Room, Coed, 60s-Up Rm: W301
10d Truthseekers, Coed, 60s-Up  FH101
10e Cornerstone, Coed, 60s-Up Rm: S305

Senior Adult Bible Study Classes
Adult 11a Women, 70s-up Rm: FH107
Adult 11b   Men, 70s-up Rm: FH104
Adult 11c  Women, 70s-up Rm: FH105
Special Needs/Deaf Adult Classes
Adult 16a  Special Friends Coed  MPR1-S
Adult 16b   Deaf Ministry Coed WC102

Students Grades 7-12
10:30 AM Student Center
5:00 PM     Small Groups In Homes
See Website for Locations Firstfairhope.org/students

Children: Grades K-6
Please check in your kids
K-5          Rm: CH201
Grade 1: Rm: CH204
Grade 2   Rm: CH206
Grade 3   CH205
Grade 4   CH207
Grade 5   CH208
Grade 6   CH208

Preschool Classes
Please check in your kids
Babies (0-6 mos.). Rm: P101
Toddlers  (6 mos.-1) Rm: P102
Ones (1-2 y/o) Rm:  P103
Younger Twos Rm: P106
Older Twos Rm: P108
Younger Threes Rm: P105
Older Threes Rm:P107
Fours Rm: P112
K-Fives Rm: P113


Jubileer Afternoon Tea

Jubileers Afternoon Tea
Thursdays 2-4pm in the Commons
Join us every Thursday afternoon, from 2-4pm, to enjoy afternoon tea, coffee, and snacks. This is a time to just relax and “brew up” some fun and fellowship with each other. An afternoon social is the perfect way to take a break and recharge so, we hope you will join us. 

Senior Adult Ministry Calendar

under construction



The command is clear: “God and make disciples.” It is not enough to stand on the sidelines as others carry the message and build the Kingdom of God. Each of us is called to go and make disciples.
We have D-groups meeting all over town at various days/times/locations. If you are interested in learning more about  living a disscipleship minded life style, let me know!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Pastor Shawn Trotter
Discipleship Pastor



Home Connect

Some of our seasoned adults have served the church faithfully for many years and are now confined to homes or residential facilities, whether long-term or temporary. Whatever their circumstances, these members are unable to participate in services on the campus and they miss the fellowship of the church family. To create a bridge between the church and the people who cannot attend, First Baptist Fairhope has formed a new ministry to serve, Home Connect.

There are three forms we would like you to peruse and complete if you feel the Lord leading you to serve with Home Connect.

Need more information? Contact Debbie Leidheiser (804-514-7742, Debbie.Leidheiser@gmail.com) “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

The Netflix of Christians

Right Now Media subscriptions are available for members of First Fairhope. To set up your account, you can click inside this box and you’ll be taken to a page where you can then select the “set up for a subscription” button. This feature is also available on our church app.
We have created a library called “Covid19 – things to study and watch” and it contains a plethora of digital items to study, devos for kids, sing along songs, devotions for personal or family time and on and on.
Also we added some things in our counseling library too if you or someone you know is having a difficult time managing the crisis, perhaps these will help as we navigate this time. God bless you! If you have any questions about Right Now Media, email Sharon Pippin at spippin(at)firstfairhope.org or Shawn Trotter at strotter(at)firstfairhope.org