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The Learning Tree

The Preschool where Parents plant, Teachers water, & God Grows!


Programs offered for 6 mos. through Pre-K

Classes available (9:00am-1:00pm)
We are currently full, however if you’d like to join our waitlist click here: TLT Wait List

1 & 2 year olds:

T/TH, M/W/F, and Mon-Fri

3 year olds:

M/W/F, and Mon-Fri

4 year olds:


Laurie Jenson, Director

Sarah Jean Warfield, Assistant Director

We function first as an extension of the ministries of First Fairhope. It is our sincere desire that you find this a comfortable, yet stimulating environment for your child. The Learning Tree motto, “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree”, is evidence of a loving environment whereby Christian teachers help children develop solid “roots” to grow upon. These first impressions set the stage for the years of schooling that follow as your child learns to function with others within a group. Our desire is to encourage children to become enthusiastic learners through developmental play and activities.