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College Scholarships

Here you'll find several College Scholarships associated to First Fairhope


If you are a senior in High School, peruse these scholarships.

Pay close attention to forms & deadlines.

The H.B. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship

The H.B. Shepherd Memorial Scholarship (est 1997) is handled by the Trust Committee of First Baptist Church and is offered to students who are pursuing a degree in full time Christian service and are attending one of the four Baptist colleges in Alabama. Interested persons should contact the Financial Office by providing a letter of interest for this Scholarship. (mail to First Fairhope Financial Office, ATTN: Trust Committee, 300 S Section St., Fairhope, AL 36532) April is customarily the deadline month.

The Sarah King Shepherd Memorial Scholarship

(est 1987) Housed and managed at the University of Mobile.  This scholarship is for female students entering the ministry and attending University of Mobile. Preference is  given to FBC members.  Please check with their Financial Aid office for forms, etc.

The Paul W. Martin Scholarship

(Est. 2006) This scholarship is managed by a Sunday School Class in the church. All information on the selection process as well as the application are provided in the Scholarship Packet (link below). You can also download that by clicking anywhere in this box. You may return your packet for this scholarship to the  Financial Office or Student Ministry Office at the attention of Martin Scholarship Committee as the point of contact changes annually. THE DEADLINE for this Scholarship of March 31 of the candidates Senior Year of High School.  High School Seniors and College Students who are members of First Fairhope may apply for the scholarship (as written in the requirements – read those carefully!)

The Victoria Dial Lindsey Scholarship

This scholarship is managed through the Baptist Foundation of Alabama. Applications are completed online at www.tbfa.org

Qualifications include:
–Student must be attending Judson College, University of Mobile or Samford University.
–Student must be pursuing a degree in the field of Education.
–Priority shall be given to students who are members of First Baptist Fairhope, Alabama.
–In the event there are no qualified students from First Baptist Fairhope, then scholarships may be awarded to students who are members of churches affiliated with the Baldwin Baptist Association.
–If there are no qualified students from First Baptist Fairhope or the Baldwin Baptist Association, then awards may be made to students who are members of any church affiliated with the Alabama Baptist State Convention.
–In order to receive consideration for assistant, applications must be completed and submitted each year to: The Baptist Foundation of Alabama by March 31 of the year. The scholarship is awarded by July 1, of each year.
The scholarship amount given is sent to the school divided among the fall and spring semesters.
College Students at any level may apply for this scholarship.

Student Ministry Scholarship

The Student Ministry Scholarship is available for all students in the Fairhope community who qualify. The scholarship program was started in 2019 and consist of 3 scholarships per year. Each scholarship is for $1,000 and the program is fully funded for 10 years. The scholarships are available for those attending community college, universities, and trade school. The program is based on financial need and scholastic achievement. Those interested in applying should click the the link that applies to the application: new applicant or returning applicant. The deadline for applications to be turned in is March 31. The pdf is completable electronically with Adobe Acrobat. Applicant completes application, saves it to their computer, then turns it in via email to the Student Ministry Office by emailing it to Jennnifer Coulter: jcoulter@firstfairhope.org.

Initial Application
Applicants Reapplying Form

The Ed Stone and Dr. Jerry and Susan Henry Scholarship

(2023) The Ed Stone and  The Dr. Jerry and Susan Henry Scholarship was established in memory of Ed Stone and in honor of our previous Pastor who served faithfully from 2001-2015. This scholarship is only for worthy and deserving students who are members of First Baptist Church Fairhope and who meet the following criteria:
-May attend any college and major in any field of study.
-Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.
-Must qualify as a full-time student.
-Amount awarded may only be used for tuition, books or fees. The deadline to receive applications is APRIL 30

NOTE: Email the completed application to bshaw@firstfairhope.org In the subject window: To the attention of the TRUST COMMITTEE at First Baptist Church Fairhope
Dr. Jerry & Susan Henry Scholarship Application


Frances T Grubbs Educational Scholarship

This scholarship is named for Mrs. Frances T. Grubbs who was an educator for decades. It is available for First Fairhope graduating Seniors attending college and current college students. First priority is given to those students seeking to follow a plan of study in the field of Education. If a suitable recipient in the field of Education is not found, it will be awarded to the most well-rounded student based on financial need and academic performance.

Initial Application


Scholarship Forms

Here is quick access to the forms we have available through our website. They are also located
in the description of each one (be sure you have read that).