First Fairhope Women

The ministry to women of First Baptist Fairhope and beyond is to…

Come to Christ, Connect with other women,

Commit to prayer and spiritual growth, Call to ministry and missions


WEDNESDAYS 6:00-7:30pm
Facilitator: Tammy Shaw

Location: W201
A time of fellowship, mentoring, devotion and prayer for young moms. We are a group of women who love to come alongside other women to strengthen, encourage, affirm and support them as they grow in their faith in Jesus. 

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Heartfelt Friends


Mentors have learned that when older women train younger women according to God’s Word:
– Women are encouraged in their faith and in their lives.
– Families are strengthened.
– Marriages are stabilized.
– Churches grow and mature.
A Heart Mom is a Christian woman who honors God and will agree to guide and influence a younger “sister”. Heart Mom’s do not have any children living in the home. As a mature, caring woman of faith, she will share her wisdom, experience and hospitality. She is passing on the legacy of faith and Christian living by instruction and example. A Heart Mom may be: A Host Mom, A Helper Mom, or a Bible Teacher Mom.
A Heart Mom commits to a Home Group for a nine-month season. To be a Heart Mom, if you have not already signed up complete the process here. Register by August 30.
Reveal Night is Monday, September 12 at 6pm. The first meeting will be the choice of the Mom’s in October.
To sign up to be a heart mom click here:Heart Mom Sign Up

Free dinner, no kids, no house cleaning, girlfriends night out!
Come be our guest of Honor at Heartfelt Friends!
A Heart Sister is a younger Christian wife and/or mother with children in her home or a single mom or a single young woman. She agrees to commit to a small group (Home Group) for a minimum of nine months of Heartfelt Friends. She will be the guest of honor at a Heart Mom’s home along with other younger women to enjoy hospitality, a meal, friendship, fellowship and Bible study. To sign up to be a Heart Sister, you can sign up right here. The Reveal Night is slated for Monday, September 12 at 6pm! So don’t wait around! Sign up now by clkicking here: Heart Sisters Sign Up

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study: Psalm 23 by Jennifer Rothschild
Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm

Co-Facilitators: Janet Hankins, Rhonda Kelley, Kelly Gray and others
Location: S201, Cost: Workbook $10.00

Join together weekly with other women to study God’s Word and learn to apply His truths in our lives! The fall study will be “Psalm 23: The Shepherd with Me” by Jennifer Rothschild. We will study this familiar Old Testament prayer through her video teaching, then share biblical application in small groups. This Bible study on prayer will help us experience its power and learn fresh ways to pray. Come eager to connect with sisters in the Lord and commune with our Heavenly Father as we dig into Psalm 23!
Weekly Schedule for this study: Tuesdays 9:00-10:30am beginning August 23rd (Room S201), Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm beginning August 17th (Room S201), Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm beginning August 25th (On Zoom) Click anywhere in this box to register.

First Fairhope Women Book Club

Women of First Baptist Fairhope are invited to join our FFW Ladies Book Club! The group will meet monthly during the months of September through May to have fellowship and read one book each month. The genre of books will rotate with Christian fiction one month and Christian classic the next. The group will meet on the third Thursday of the month beginning on September 15 from 11:30am-1:00pm in S201. Participants will bring their own lunches and take turns in leading the discussion. Co-facilitators of the group are: Sharon Strickland and Suzanne Torbert.

While there is no cost to register, print or e-books will need to be purchased personally. Please recommend books as you register. Join us to read along with your sisters in Christ and connect what you read with the truths of God’s Word!! Click anywhere in this box to head to the sign up portal.


Our Groups

Bible Study

Our Ladies Bible studies are designed to connect all women in our church to a small group to study God’s Word. In addition to Sunday morning classes and D-Life groups, Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, and Thursday night online weekly Bible studies are offered for women.
Some classes will focus on personal Bible study and others will use video studies. A summer book club has been planned. Our Bible study team this year will include: Rhonda Kelley, Janet Hankins, and Kelly Gray. Please join a Bible study class and grow spiritually with other women in our church.

Heartfelt Friends

The Bible clearly commands that “older women are to teach younger women.” So, First Fairhope Women seeks to encourage intergenerational friendships as well as coordinate the Heartfelt Friends ministry for the women of First Baptist Fairhope. Heartfelt Friends connects “Moms” and “Sisters” in a comfortable home setting to build meaningful relationships and encourage spiritual growth. Please join us and share what God has been teaching you about life! 

Leaders: Janet Hankins, Sharon Parker

Support Ministry

All of us have spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs. As Christians, we have the help of the Lord and the support of other believers to live through some of life’s greatest challenges. First Fairhope Women will seek to support ladies facing crises, connecting them with other Christian women who can relate to their challenges and give them hope in Jesus.
Leader: Angie Lewis, Certified Professional Counselor, Christian Recording Artist, Sunday School Teacher, and On Staff Counselor for First Fairhope.



Welcome Ministry

New members to our church and new residents in our community benefit greatly from connecting with a body of believers. First Fairhope Women wants to be intentional in helping newcomers to our church and community feel warmly welcomed and get involved immediately. We need your friendly faces and your encouraging words to greet prospective and new members, helping them find ways to grow in their faith and get involved in our church.
Leaders: Cheri Parrish and Cheryl Vickers


Prayer Ministry

The impact on our lives and ministry to women will be in direct proportion to the time we spend with God. Our Prayer Ministry meets regularly to encourage personal prayer and provide opportunities to faithfully come together and pray. We are committed to making prayer a priority. We invite you to join us in praying for ourselves and others. We have two groups that meet at two different days/times.
Mondays at 11:30pm in W201
Leaders: Joyce Bedsole, Holly McKenzie, Sharon Swearingen
Thursdays at 1:30pm in W201
Leaders: Lynn Carroll and Carol Stapleton


Moms Ministry

Mothers are the nurturers in the home and have such influence over their children, but they need support and encouragement along the way. Moms of younger children can learn biblical truth and life lessons from older moms who have gone before them. Join with moms on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm to share life and help us reach out to other mothers in our community who need the Lord to help them raise their families in faith.
Leaders: Tammy Shaw, Mindy Shepard


Christians must grow in their personal faith and make disciples of others. Evangelistic outreach and mission involvement should be a priority in every believer’s life. First Fairhope Women wants all women of our church to be witnesses in our community and beyond and to be missional in our homes and beyond. You can participate in the WMU’s Women on Mission group, connect with First Hope or the Missions Committee, use your gifts with the Hearts for God Sewing Ministry, serve on mission trip teams, volunteer with the Women’s Care Medical Center, and more. Be a part of our evangelistic outreach and mission endeavors.

Leaders: Kelly Gray and Rene Wilkins